Indigenous Joint Venture – A Supply Nation certified Indigenous business.

Zancott Knight Facilities Management

As part of Knight FM Australia’s Indigenous Engagement Strategy, we have formed a strategic alliance with Zancott Recruitment (an Indigenous-owned labour hire business), to form Zancott Knight Facilities Management, to combine the talents, experience and expertise of its partners to deliver higher quality facilities management services for clients across Australia.

Zancott Knight FM is committed to endeavours focused on closing the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in areas of health, education, life expectancy and career progressions. We are committed to:

  • Utilise 10% of our profits in support of Indigenous groups
  • Engage with Supply Nation Certified Indigenous businesses as a first preference
  • Grow a workforce of Indigenous employees in all aspects of our business
  • Support our Indigenous employees personal and family welfare
  • Initiate training and upskilling for our Indigenous employees so that they leave our organisation a better person
  • Support their endeavours to engage with a broad range of Indigenous companies by bringing these companies under our umbrella and supporting their growth
  • Achieving the goals and objectives laid out to us in each contract
  • Meeting the IPP needs for our clients

The ongoing success of Zancott Knight FM benefits our employees, contractors, clients and all Indigenous Australians as we work in partnership to close the gap between Indigenous Australians and the Australian business community.

Please contact Zancott Knight Facilities Management on 08 8363 2442 to discuss your requirements further