Value of Facilities Management

“All organisations rely on support processes, which are often critical to their core business. FM integrates and optimises a broad spectrum of support services and delivers their output (the Facility Services) which enable the Demand Organisation to focus on its primary activities” – Extract from ISO 41013:2017

Until recently Facilities Management service standards have been purely market driven with smaller or less experienced organisations being left with what they are given, with the standard set by major service providers being a race to the bottom as quality was compromised over cost. This approach however has masked the value that good Facilities Management service can have.

Quality Facilities Management is able to demonstrate how it adds value and support to the core business by effectively and efficiently managing outcomes while also meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. Facilities Management ensures that those functions and processes that support a business are aligned to that business’s core business strategy and vision. For example, in manufacturing if repairs on equipment need to be undertaken, they have to be managed in a way that does not disrupt production.

There is no single Facilities Management strategy or model that helps organisations achieve better business results as all businesses (even in the same industry) operate in their own unique way and have their own considerations in relation to quality, quantity and cost.

In this regard, KFMA work with our Clients to identify those unique interconnected requirements and activities that allow us to deliver a service that adds real business value beyond merely meeting compliance obligations.

As custodians of building infrastructure, Knight Facilities Management Australia’s understanding of how Facilities Management can fit into an organisation’s core business is a critical factor of how we successfully deliver services and positive outcomes to our clients. We work with our clients to develop the right FM model that suits them by taking into consideration:

  • Their culture and management structure, core business strategy, market positions, needs and requirements
  • Region, location and other environmental factors
  • Services that are critical to their core business
  • Their internal capability and skills
  • Availability and expertise of suppliers for FM support services
  • Translation of long terms strategic goals into overall service plans / deliverables and then into to day to day actions
  • The risks associated with any of the above.

Using our facilities and asset management protocols, KFMA develop a comprehensive Facilities Management program based on the relevant standards, client requirements and desired service levels. These include:

Strategic FM Deployment – The alignment of client operational strategy with execution to create the criteria, where the client’s business goals translated to measurable objectives which deliver tangible value to the client.

Facilities Management Services led by High Performance Teams – The right systems, the right attitude, the right mindset, and the right competencies all coming together.

Ongoing Process Improvement – Well designed, efficient, and effective processes designed to achieve the customer-oriented criteria are consistently reviewed and improved to better meet the client’s business outcomes.

Our commitment to Facilities Management Excellence is a differentiation strategy that set us apart from our competition in the eyes of our clients, with KFMA able to deliver a client experience other facilities management companies cannot.

We are committed to the adoption of ISO 41001:2018 across our business as we aim remain cost competitive while also enhancing client satisfaction through the effective application of this standard, continuous improvement and transparent accountability of our service delivery standard.